Relics – progress in pictures

by Chantal

Relics will be one of my key pieces in The Fall Of The Majestic Elk show that will be opening in less than two weeks time. The work is comprised of 20 inscribed and bound roe skulls. The piece will need to be completed on site so you will have to wait for the final installation shot but here are pictures showing the work’s progression. I’m very excited about this piece and seeing it completed on site shortly.

My 20 skulls arrive from Germany and already look fantastic without me having to do anything!

I start inscribing some of the skulls with symbols from ancient writing systems (Egyptian hieroglyphs, Canaanite pictorial signs, Phoenician and Arabian stylized letters, and Greco-Roman alphabet) using indian ink and my late grandfathers scribing pen.

this takes a while!


Taking inspiration from the historical and tribal works in the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, the remaining skulls were bound in red threads

skulls inscribed and bound


When installed the skulls will be mounted on the ends of wooden canes at various heights. The base of each stand will be rock.