Mark Scott-Wood

by Chantal

Work from The String Series by Mark Scott-Wood, 2011. (String, acrylic paint)

Check out the latest addition to my small but perfectly formed art collection. A boxed work from Mark Scott-Wood‘s String Series. Mark Scott-Wood is a rather splendid artist and person living and working in London. His work manages to be both fun and provocative, ridiculous and yet poignant.

Mark Scott-Wood. Poster - paper, paste, paint. 2008

Mark Scott-Wood. Buffalo Fast Come Big Hard, 2008. Found objects, paint

‘A love of the obsessively made versus a need for meaningful concept produces a hybrid of appearance. My subject matter is eclectic. The world is full of so many distractions; I take these distractions and make them the focus of what I do.’ (Mark Scott-Wood)

” I like to make the mundane beautiful, the grotesque enticing and the obscene seen.’  (Mark Scott-Wood)

Mark Scott-Wood, 2011. Untitled - String, glue, paint, fixings.

From the enticing String Series pieces to his Witch Man Tree Daemon character that may be found in the woods, cradling a baby, or making a guest appearance at a gallery opening, Mark’s work is anything but dull!

Witch Man Tree Daemon (confronting a spectre in the forest). Mark Scott-Wood.

Witch Man Tree Daemon with Fenella Fielding

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