Starting a site specific installation

by Chantal

The beautiful building space I get to work with

Last week I went for a quick site visit to the beautiful grade II listed church building in Swaythling, Southampton where I will be creating a site specific installation. On either side of the church there are three sets of organ pipes. With nine pipes in each set there are a total of fifty four of these lovely original pipes. It is these pipes that I plan to use as the focus for the resulting structure comprised of 3000 meters of gold elastic cord arcing from pipes to the roof of the building.

the organ pipes that no longer function musically but serve as a reminder of past collective worship in the space by previous generations

I hope to enhance visitors experience in the space by drawing attention to this architectural aspect of the building which represents a very real connection between the past and the present of the building’s use as a place of collective worship.

Spools of gold elastic cord

experimenting with a template for an insert that will hold cords in place towards the bottom opening of each pipe. I now need to source an affordable sheet metal that can be cut and drilled into 54 inserts.