Advice To Myself

by Chantal

Continuing yesterday’s quote from Albert Pinkham Ryder – some more wonderful advice.

The canvas I began ten years ago I shall perhaps complete today or tomorrow. It has been ripening under the sunlight of the years that come and go. It is not that a canvas should be worked at. It is a wise artist that knows when to cry “halt” in his composition, but it should be pondered over in his heart and worked out with prayer and fasting.

Art is long. The artist must buckle himself with infinite patience. His ears must be deaf to the clamour of his insistent friends who would quicken his pace. His eyes must see naught but the vision beyond. He must await the season of fruitage without hast, without worldly ambitions, without vexation of spirit. An inspiration is no more than a seed that must be planted and nourished. It gives growth as it grows to the artist, only as he watches and waits with the highest effort.”

These beautiful writings of  Ryder are from Paragraphs from the Studio of a Recluse – originally published by Broadway Magazine, XIV in 1905.

Albert Pinkham Ryder, Marine (1890)