Collaborating across distance using digital media

by Chantal

The core team from The Fall Of The Majestic project

The ongoing collaborative project The Fall Of The Majestic, (core team – curator Anneka French, artists Dean Melbourne and myself) was featured in this months a-n magazine in an article about the use of digital media in contemporary collaborative practise. You can also read the article online here.

We discussed with a-n how our geographical separation means face to face meetings are infrequent so we rely heavily on social media and a three-way blog to communicate.

“(the blog) allows them to record and discuss thoughts and ideas, post images of influences and work in progress. The blog not only allows discussions in the form of comments but provides a useful digital record of the development of the project. When more artists are introduced to the project it will become an even more essential way of keeping everyone connected with progress”.

The Fall Of The Majestic has been speaking to a number of exciting venues recently and we look forward to developing the unique, tailored shows to these spaces over 2012/2013.