Rodin praises the “sketch”

by Chantal

Reclining Female Nude, One Foot Propped on Her Thigh
by Auguste Rodin, ca. 1900, graphite,

“How can one fail to admire a lightening sketch in which the artist has recorded the memory of an emotion felt, of an action seen or comprehended; a sketch whose expressive impact has been rendered with absolute sincerity, without attenuation, exaggeration or reserve; a sketch in which sensation is entire and the notation of effect as valid and complete as in a picture? The artist has succeeded – almost effortlessly – in expressing his thoughts. A rough suggestion has conveyed the spirit of the work, and imprecision, in its flexibility, enables the beholder’s imagination to make additions, thus completing what the artist has been searching for.”  Rodin

Nuage by Auguste Rodin