awarded re:view bursary from a-n

by Chantal

“Thank you for your recent application for an a-n Re:view bursary. We would like to  info rm you that your application was successful”

Now that’s a pretty good email to get on a Wednesday morning!

Especially in our current climate of art funding cuts – its a pretty monumental challenge to get money for an arts project let alone purely for the development of your own personal career which is exactly what this bursary is.

I was pretty blown away when I first heard what they were offering – bursaries of between £500 and £1000 designed to support the critical and artistic development of visual and applied artists – assisting them to move their practice forward.  

The money can be used to fund mentoring type sessions with your personal choice of artist, curator, advisor or other expert. Frankly a fantastic opportunity and I’m delighted to be part of it! In the end 25 artists will be benifitting from a total fund of over £20,000.

I will be documenting the experience in a diary on a-n artists talking blog