My Studio

by Chantal

my studio

my studio

I’ve arranged a date with my mentor this week for us to have the first of our sessions funded by the an Re:view bursary. Tuesday the 7th of May is the date for the two hour session for which I am both excited and nervous in equal measures.

She will be travelling from London to my studio in Southampton so she will be able to see all my work in person as well as how I go about my practice.

I rarely have studio visits. If I am showing people work I tend to take the work to them. My studio is my private space – it will feel strangely vulnerable having someone I admire walking around in there.

My work feels different in the studio than it does when in a gallery space – somehow “less” without the context of an official art space? Maybe less isn’t quite the right word. I guess work takes on an air of independence when it has left me and is shown somewhere else. I like seeing it change somewhat with that distance.

My studio is an extended garage conversion that is connected to the house. I paid for the conversion using money from the start up business I sold when deciding to go full time as an artist. The extension of the converted space came a few years later in the form of  a generous Christmas gift from my husband. Its’a wonderful place to work – light, convenient and plenty of space to hoard all the objects I collect for potential future works as well as enough floorspace to have a couple of sculptures on the go.

It will be interesting to have someone visit.