New Studio and Conclusion to a-n Bursary

by Chantal

New Studio

New Studio

As my a-n Re:view bursary period comes to an end I feel incredibly grateful to a-n for the opportunity it has afforded myself and other artists. To receive a bursary that enables something as fundamentally valuable as advisory sessions with key arts individuals is inspired.

My bursary was used to pay for three advisory meetings with curator/gallerist Danielle Arnaud. One of the main conclusions I drew from these meetings was the need to push boundaries. I need to take more risks with my work, perhaps work on a larger scale, and produce work that is truly ambitious.

To this end I have taken a leap of faith with my practice. I have chosen to leave the comfort of my domestic studio space and invest in renting a 600sq ft light industrial unit. I have also invested in purchasing my own welding equipment. Together these will mean the scope to fabricate works on a scale not previously possible and I hope working in such a space will expand my thought process and result in ambitious and outstanding sculptures and installations. Thank you a-n for your support in this process.


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