New Show: Existential Mirage

by Chantal

eflyer copy

Next month I will be creating a theatrical installation in a new artist run gallery space in Portsmouth called STAND CLEAR.

STAND CLEAR is a non-profit pop up artist led space dedicated to creative investigation. It functions with a specific focus on the immediate demographic; providing the community with a stimulating environment and a contemporary platform for artists to exhibit.


I will be creating a stage-like installation in the space titled Existential Mirage. A mythological tableau will be presented in which the artifacts play with their own artifice and in doing so reference the caricatured notions we formulate within our individual consciousnesses.

To ease our sense of disorientation in the face of an apparently absurd world, we construct personal depictions in our minds of things we have yet to encounter or understand. Our ordinary preoccupations get projected into extraordinary form, they’re amplified into fantasy and they become our personal myths. These fabricated illusions can represent our ideals, our fears, anything we have yet to encounter in reality or in its true form.  Personal myths instruct our values and prescribed meaning to life. What does it then mean for us when our myths encounter reality and are shown to be fallacies?


12th June – 29th June
269 Commercial Road, Portsmouth, PO1 4BP

Thanks to Jewson who have kindly supplied the 5 tonnes of sand needed for this installation!